Text Box: Dr. Amir Lohrasebi
Associate Professor of Physics


Physics Department, Faculty of Science,

University of Isfahan, Hezar Jerib St.

Isfahan 81764-73441, Iran.

Email Address:  lohrasebi@nano.ipm.ac.ir


Phone:                +98-31-37934727


· B.Sc. Physics Isfahan University of Technology , Iran, 2002

· M.Sc. Physics Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, 2004

· Ph.D. Physics School of Nano-science, IPM,   Tehran, Iran, 2008

Research Interests

· Computational Nano-Physics ( MD, MC, …)

· Water Nano-Filters and Nano-Motors

· Nano- and Microfluidics Simulation

· Physical Modeling of Nano-Bio systems

· Molecular structure and physiological function of membrane channels

· Physical Properties of 2D nano sheet such as Graphene.

University of Isfahan

· Research 

· Water filteration








· Motor proteins

          - Ion Channels








         - Microtubules







         - F0F1-ase



· Graphene properties


· Publications

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· My Group

   M.S. Students:                                                     Ph.D Students:

         M. Feshanjerdi (2010-2012)                               M. Kargar (2015 up to now)

         M. Sajadi (2010-2012)                                        M.S. Alizadeh (2017 up to now)

         N. Nouri (2010-2012)                                          F. Aghaii (2017 up to now)

         H.R. Saieedi (2011-2013)                                    Z. Rahimi (2018 up to now)

         M. Setayandeh (2012-2014)

         M. Rikhtehgaran (2012-2014)

         Z. Rahimi (2013-2014)

         M. Ghorbani (2013-2015)

         A. Alidosti (2014-2016)

         F. Khasheii (2015-2017)