Masoud A. Mehrgardi
Associate Professor


We are living in an age where molecular genetics represents the new frontier . The genetic information required for the function and multiplication of the biological organism is stored, duplicate and transformed by means of nucleic acids. By the discovery of the electroactivity of deoxyribonucleic acids in 1960 the interest of most researchers was to apply modern voltammetric methods in nucleic acid and DNA analysis. Electrochemical DNA sensing is a promising technique of nucleic acid analysis because of its quickness, high sensitivity and low cost.

The  main research interests of our group are:
  • Mechanism of Charge transfer in DNA
  • Electrochemical DNA Hybridization Biosensors
  • Electrochemical Aptamer Based Biosemsors
  • Mechanistic studies on Guanosine oxidation in DNA
  • Investigation of Hot Spots in DNA
  • Investigation of charge effect on Intercalation