Name and Family:                      Gholamhassan Azimi Gandomani

Date Of Birth:       1970

Place Of Birth:     Boroujen-Gandoman

Marital Status:     Married

Nationality:                        Iranian

Occupation:           Faculty Member of Chemistry Department at Arak University

Subject:                   Analytical Chemistry

Address:                  Department of Chemistry - Arak University - Shariati Square

                                    Arak- Iran.

                        Present address: Department of Chemistry – University of Isfahan-Isfahan- Iran.



E-mail:         ;

Telephone:             +98-3137934932

Educational Record:

Name of institution                Year                Degree                        subject

Razi University-Iran               2000                Ph.D.               Analytical Chemistry

Shiraz University- Iran            1995                M.Sc.               Analytical Chemistry

Isfahan University- Iran          1993                B.Sc.               Applied  Chemistry


Academic Position:         Associate Professor

Honor and Society:        Member Of Iranian Chemical and Chemical Engineering Society


Teaching Specialization:         

Undergarduate level:

Instrumental analysis 

Analytical Chemistry                                     

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Graduate level:

Advanced Analytical Chemistry

Physical and chemical methods of separtation

Computer in Chemistry(Analoge and digital filtering, Signal processing, SVD based analysis)



Area Of Current Research : 


Separtion and determination of  environmentally important species by SPE-AAS,  SPE-GC-ECD and HPLC methods.

                  Application of computational chemometrics methods in Analytical Chemistry.


Grduated Students

1-      Hamidreza Vajdian

2-      Akram Moghaddam Fard

3-      Roghayeh Alinejad

4-      Saeideh Mazaheri

5-      Alireza Gramizadegan

6-      Raheleh Farahani

7-      Vahid Change Miani

8-      Asmae Khobi

9-      Zeinab Rezayati Zad

10-  Sara Isapour

11-  Sara Ebrahimi

12-  Marzieh Azadi

13-  Somayeh Takhvar

14-  Masoumeh Farahani

15-Fatemeh Mirasalari

      16-Mahboobeh Asadi

17-Zahara Heidari

18-Atena Akbari

19- Akbar Fattahi

20- Somayeh Afunizadeh (Ph.D)

21- Tayebeh Beheshtrooyan

22- Ahmad Hajihoseiloo

23- Mhedi Afrasiabi

24- Farzaneh Lotfi

25- Mina Rabiei

26- Forough Forootan

27- Mohamad Afrasiabi (Ph.D)

27- Amin Jamshidian


Current. Students

Masood Akbari

Zakieh Mirabbasi

Nadia Akvan (Ph.D)

Fatemeh Firoozbakht (Ph.D)





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1-      Spectrophotometric Determination Of Acidity Constants of Newly Synthesized Triazol Compounds In Micellar Media With EQUISPEC Program.

2-      3D-QSAR CoMFA Study on Anti-Cancer Activity of α-Aminosuberic Acid Derivatives

3-      Spectrophotometric Study of Al-Xylenol Orange Complex and Using It for Determination of Trace Amounts of Fluoride in Aqueous Sample.

4-      Application of Response Surface Design to Dispersive Liquid-liquid Micro-Extraction Method; Preconcentration of Trace Amount of Copper Ion.

5-      Spectrophotometric study of complexation of Cd(II), Ni(II) and Mn(II) ions with 1,2-bis[O-(N-methylidenamino-2-thiol-1,3,4-thiadiazole-5-yl)phenoxy] ethane.


7-      Spectrophotometric Study of Charge Transfer Complexes of Iodine with Benzene and Some of It's Derivatives in Chloroform Solvent.

8-      Cloud Point Extraction and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Determination of Trace Amounts of Copper(II) Ions In Water Samples

9-      Optical Sensors Based on Sol-Gel Derived Thin Films For High Acidity Measurements Using Artificial Neural Network and Principal Component Analysis.

10-   Proceeding Theoretical Study of Interaction of Some Transition Metal Ions With Newly Synthesized Phenanthroline  Thiacrown Derivatives

11-  Reusable Sensor Based on 1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-Naphthol Doped Ceramic-Carbon Composite Electrode for Trace Determination of Cobalt (II) Ion

12-  Spectrophotometric Determination of Acidic Constant and Stability Constants Of Newly Synthesized Triazole Ligands with Some Transition Metal Ions in Ethanol-Water Solvents with EQUISPEC Program

13-  Spectrophotometric Study of Stability Constants of Some Newly Synthesized Schiff Base Ligands with Uranyl Ion in Acetonitrile  by Using Chemometrics Methods.

14-  Spectrophotometric Determination of Stability Constants of 2-[Hydroxyphenyl-Methyl]-4[(phenyldiazenyl)phenol] With Some Transition Metal Ions in EtOH-Water Solvents

15-  Spectrophotometric Determination of Acidic Constants of [(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-Methyl]-4[(phenyldiazenyl)phenol] in EtOH-Water Solvents Mixtures

16-  11. Selective and Efficient Transport of Ag(I) Ion through Supported Liquid Membrane (SLM) Using Dibenzopyridino 18-Crown-6 as CarrierSpectrophotometric.

17-   Determination of Trace Amount of Mercury(II) ion Using Cu(II)-Thiosemicarbazid Complex as a Probe..

18-   Solid Phase Extraction of Cu(II) Ion With Modified Silica Gel By Sol-Gel Process.

19-   Spectrophotometric Study of Acidic Dissociation Equilibria in Micellar Media by a SVD-based Chemometric Methods.

20-   Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron and Vanadium by H-point Standard Addition Method and Partial Least Squares Regression In Micellar medium.

21-  Speciation of Fe(II) and Fe(III) by Kinetic Spectrophotometric H-point Standard Addition Method

22-  Stoichiometry and Stability Studies of Complexation of Alkali and Alkaline Earth cations with 1,10-Phenanthroline and Its Derivatives in Mixed nitromehane and Acetonitrile Solvents by Conductomteric

23-  High Acidity Optical sensors Based on Thin Sol-Gel Derived Thin Films.

24-   Complexation Studies of the Interaction of Cu(II)With Some Phenanthroline Thiacrown Ether in Nonaqueous Solvents