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Mansour Shariati, Ph.D.

Department of Plant and Animal Biology
University of Isfahan
Azadi square
Isfahan, Iran
Postal code: 8174673441


Area of Study

    I have Obtained my Master in Biology-Plant Physiology at University of Isfahan (1989) and my PhD in Biology-Plant Physiology under the supervision of R.McC lielly at Wollongong University-Australia, (1994), studying photosynthesis and osmoregulation in unicellular green alga Dunaliella as a model system. I returned to IRAN afterwards and I have been appointed as a Full-time Assistant Professor at University of Isfahan in 19994. I started my research mostly on Dunaliella physiology. In 2003 and 2010, I have been appointed as an Associate Professor and Full Professor at University of Isfahan, respectively. .

Dunaliella Beta-Carotene Photosynthesis Plant Physiology


University of Wollongong- Australia [Wollongong-Australia]
Ph.D. , Biology (Plant Physiology)

University of Isfahan - Iran [Isfahan-Iran]
M.Sc. , Biology (Plant Physiology)

University of Isfahan [Isfahan-Iran]
B.Sc. , Biology (Botany)


My research interests lie primarily in the area of Dunaliella, Beta-Carotene, Photosynthesis, Plant Physiology.


  Ghafoori, M., Shariati, M., van der Ent, A.,& Baker A.J.M. (2022). Nickel Hyperaccumulation, Elemental Profiles and Agromining Potential of three Species of Odontarrhena from the Ultramafics of Western Iran.International Journal of Phytoremediation.

  Ghafoori, M., Shariati, M., van der Ent, A.,& Baker A.J.M. (2022). Interpopulation Variation in Nickel Hyperaccumulation and Potential for Phytomining by Odontarrhena Penjwinensis from Western Iran. Journal of Geochemical Exploration,237.

  Sohrabi, D., Jazini, M. H., Mobasheri, S., Tohidi, M.,& Shariati, M. (2022). Waste Gastro‑Intestinal Wall of Sheep as An Alternative Nutrition Source for Cultivation of Dunaliella Salina. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 194(3):1178–1192.

  Amini Ershad G., Jazini, M. H., Fashandi, H and & Shariati, M. (2018). A Cell Retention System Composed of Cellulose Acetate Hollow Fiber Membranes for Cultivation of Dunaliella Salina in A Helical Photobioreactor. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 94(7): 2148–2157.

  Sohrabi, D., Jazini, M. H., Tohidi, M.,& Shariati, M. (2019). Mixotrophic Cultivation of Dunaliella Salina on Crude Glycerol Obtained from Calcinated Fatty Acid Production Process. Russian Journal of Marine Biology, 45(6): 470–480.

  Ghazaei., F & Shariati, M. (2019). Effects of Titanium Nanoparticles on the Photosynthesis, Respiration and Physiological Parameters in Dunaliella Salina and Dunaliella Tertiolecta. Protoplasma, 257(1): 75-88.

  Zareh Chavooshi, Z., & Shariati, M. (2019). Lipid Production in Dunaliella Bardawil under Autotrophic, Heterotrophic and Mixotrophic Conditions. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, 67: 1-12.

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  Zareh Chavooshi, Z., & Shariati, M. (2019). Surveying the Inhibition of Mevanolate / Acetate (MVA) Pathway in Lipid Production in Green Algae of Dunaliella Salina and Dunaliella Bardawil by Using Lovastatin. Journal of Plant Process and Function, 7(26): 277-285.

  Sohrabi, D., Jazini, M. H., Tohidi, M.,& Shariati, M. (2018). A Novel Chemical–Biochemical Process Technology for full Exploitation of Chicken Fat for Animal Nutrition. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 13(6): 1-11.

  Elmi, Z., Tafreshi, A. H., and &Shariati, M. (2018). Transient Silencing of Heat Shock Proteins Showed Remarkable Roles for HSP70 During Adaptation to Stress in Plants. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 155: 12-157.

  Elmi, Z., Tafreshi, A. H., &Shariati, M. (2018). Effects of Transient Silencing of HSP90, HSP70 and smHSP on Chlorophyll a fluorescence of Nicotiana benthamiana during Adaptation to Salinity Stress. Journal of Plant Process and Function, 7(27): 1-18.

  Rismani, S., & Shariati, M. (2107). Changes of The Total Lipid and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Contents in Two Microalgae Dunaliella Salina and Chlorella Vulgaris Under Salt Stress. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, 60: 17-22.

  Elmi, Z., Shariati, M., & Tafreshi, A. H. (2017). Transient Silencing of Phytoene Desaturase Reveals Critical Roles on Plant Response to Salinity Stress. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 39(8): 161-176.

  Toghyani,M, A., Ehsanpour, A. A,& Shariati, M., & Emamzadeh, R. (2016). The Study Of Auxin and Cytokinin Changes and Somaclonal Variation in Regenerated Plant and Callus of Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica L.). Journal of Plant Research (Iranian Journal of Biology), 29(2): 385-294.

  Toghyani,M, A., Ehsanpour, A. A.,Shariati, M .& Emamzadeh, R. (2016). In Vitro Application of Tryptophan on Auxin Accumulation and Some Physiological Parameters of Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica L.) Plant. Applied Biology 28(2): 61-74.

  Ghotbi Ravandi, A. A., Shahbazi, M., Pessarakli, M.,& Shariati, M. (2016). Monitoring the Photosystem II Behavior of Wild and Cultivated Barley in Response to Progressive Water Stress and Rehydration Using OJIP Chlorophyll A Fluorescence Transient. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 39(8): 1174-1185.

  Taheri, R., & Shariati, M. (2015). Interactive Effect of Ammonium and Nitrate on The Nitrogen Uptake and Biomass Production by Chlorella Vulgaris in Different Environmental Condition. Malaysian Applied Biology, 43(1): 97-105.

More Articles


Shariati, M.,& Maddadkar Haghjoo, M . (2004, 2007, 2013, 2021).Plant Physiology: Absorption and Transport of Solutes Across Membrane.. Isfahan, University of Isfahan Pub. (In Farsi).

Shariati, M.,& Zooii, F (2009, 2020).)Laboratory Methods in Plant Physiology..Isfahan, University of Isfahan Pub. (In Farsi).

Shariati, M.,&Reza Hadi, M. R. (2011).Microalgal Biotechnology and Bioenergy in Dunaliella.Progress in Molecular and Environmental Bioengineering– From Analysis and Modeling to Technology Applications,483 -506, Crotia: Intech.

Teaching interests

Research Activities

Study of Beta-Carotene Synthesis in Unicellular Green alga Dunaliella in Response to High Light Intensity, Salt Stress, Nutrient Deficiency, Heavy Metals and Etc

Molecular Biology and Physiology of Nitrate uptake by Nitrate Transporter (High Affinity Transporter System, HATS) in Arabidopsis and Tobacco

Study of Photosynthesis and Respiration in Dunaliella

Study Of Florescence Chl A Kinetic In Plants And Algae


Member of Audit Board of University of Isfahan, 2020-Present Chief of National Elites Foundation, Isfahan Province Branch (2018-2021) Member of Founder board of Iranian Society of Phycology, 2018 Chief of Iranian Society of Plant Physiology 2014 - 2017 Member of Audit Board of University of Isfahan, University of Applied Science and Technology of Isfahan Province Section. 2013-2016

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Plant Physiology (B.Sc. Level)
Mechanism of Uptake and Transport in Plants (M.Sc. Level)
Molecular Mechanism of Photosynthesis (M. sc)
Uptake Physiology in Plants (Ph.D. Level)
Stress Physiology in Plants (Ph.D. Level)

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