Name:              Prof. Smaeyl Hassanzadeh


                        Department of Physics

                        Faculty of Science

                        University of Isfahan

                        ISFAHAN 81744


                        Phone: +98-31-37934733 (Office)

                        Fax:      +98-31-37934800 (Dept. Office.)










B.Sc. Applied Physics

School/University: University of Shiraz



M.Sc. Applied Physics

School/University: University of Isfahan

Dissertation title:



Ph.D. Physical Oceanography

School/University: Liverpool University England

Thesis title:











Faculty of Physics

Isfahan University

Isfahan, IRAN


2013- present

Department of Physics

Faculty of Science

Isfahan University

Isfahan, IRAN

Associated Professor

2007- 2013

Department of Physics

Faculty of Science

Isfahan University

Isfahan, IRAN

Assistant Professor


1998-September 2007

Liverpool University Liverpool, England

PhD Student

June, 1993- September, 1998

Department of Physics

Faculty of Science

Isfahan University

Isfahan, IRAN



September, 1988- June, 1993



Research Interests:

   q   Air pollution, aerosol, desert dust

   q   Statistical Analysis in Environmental Studies

   q   Sea level changes and Climate changes

   q   Physical oceanography of Oman Sea, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea

   q   Ocean Circulation and numerical modeling

   q   Water Pollution




q     Journal Paper:


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Theses & Dissertations Supervised

  1. 8 Ph. D. student, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
  2. 6 MSc. Student, University of Hormuzgan, Bandar-Abbas, Iran
  3. 25 MSc. student, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
  4. 6 MSc. student, University of Khoramshahr, Khoramshahr, Iran



Courses Taught:

A variety of graduate and undergraduate courses have been taught at, the University of Isfahan IRAN, the University of Hormuzgan IRAN. These are listed briefly below.

  1. Atmospheric Physics
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Oceanic Physics
  4. Dynamics of Oceans
  5. Dynamical Meteorology
  6. Various undergraduate courses in applied Physics